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Recruitment Services

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All PMC Recruitment Services

Talent Acquisition

-Strategic sourcing of candidates through multiple channels for optimal fit.

-Comprehensive screening and interview process to ensure quality hires.

-Onboarding programs tailored to align new hires with company culture and goals.

-Employer branding initiatives to position the company as an employer of choice.

Employee Development

-Customizable skill development programs for employees at all levels.

-Leadership and management training modules.

-Career pathing support to align employee growth with organizational needs.

-Performance coaching and feedback mechanisms.

Performance Management Systems

-Implementation of goal-setting and performance review frameworks.

-Real-time feedback and performance tracking software solutions.

-Employee engagement and recognition programs.

-Development of KPIs and metrics for performance evaluation.


Made affordable

Basic HR Support Package
  • HR Compliance Audit: Ensure all practices meet current legal standards.
  • Recruitment Assistance: Support for up to 5 position openings monthly, including job posting and initial resume screening.
  • Employee Onboarding System: Standardized onboarding checklists and procedures for new hires.
  • Basic Training Modules: Access to a library of generic training resources for employee development.
  • Monthly HR Performance Report: Insights into HR metrics and basic analytics.
Professional HR Management Package
  • Full Recruitment Cycle Management: Complete handling of up to 15 job vacancies per month, from posting to first interview stages.
  • Customized Employee Development: Development and tracking of personalized employee training plans.
  • Performance Management Framework: Implementation of performance appraisal systems and KPI tracking.
  • Benefits Administration Support: Assistance with the design and management of employee benefits programs.
  • Quarterly Workforce Analytics Report: Detailed analytics reports with actionable insights and workforce planning recommendations.
Enterprise HR Strategic Package
  • End-to-End Recruitment Solutions: Unlimited recruitment support, including executive searches with a dedicated Talent Acquisition Specialist.
  • Advanced Employee Training and Leadership Programs: Bespoke training and development programs, including leadership coaching and succession planning.
  • Comprehensive Performance Management: Advanced performance management solutions integrated with real-time feedback tools.
  • Strategic Compensation Planning: Development of strategic salary bands, incentive programs, and total rewards strategies.
  • Monthly Advanced HR Analytics Dashboard: A comprehensive, customizable dashboard offering deep insights into all aspects of HR performance and workforce metrics.
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